[Snort-users] Documentation suggestions regarding the unreliability flexresp.

Rich Adamson radamson at ...2127...
Fri Jul 25 11:55:02 EDT 2003

> > It seems to be a common misunderstanding that flexresp
> > actually works well
> > and is usable as a reliable alternative to a firewall.
> I use flexresp routinely.  I view it as harassment.  They're harassing
> me, so I'm going to harass them back.  I don't really care if it works
> perfectly.  As long as it sends resets I'm happy with that.
> Am I an idiot too?  ;-)

Nope, external harassment is kind of fun, but don't overlook dumping 
those employee sessions that are visiting unwanted sites, unless of 
coarse it's the CEO. ;)

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