[Snort-users] Re: Status of Snort and the Rules - Stalled???

Bruno Saverio Delbono bdelbono at ...9732...
Fri Jul 25 08:41:08 EDT 2003

Moin Jukka! 
 Jukka Juslin schrieb am Freitag, den 25. Juli 2003:

>Even though an old idea, a public web based rating for plugins might help.
>If a certain new plugin gets enough yes votes, if could be automatically
>added to the distiribution (and no "no" votes). Well, human intervention is
>required anyway. If there would be somebody, who is competent and willing
>to spend a lot of time with Snort signatures, I think he/she should be
>given the political power to decide, develop and add new signatures. I
>think the main interest of the old developers is on the Snort "Engine"

Cool. A new world order. I vote for "Al Gore as President"

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