[Snort-users] Subject: Compile problems with MySQL 4.0.13

Bruno Saverio Delbono bdelbono at ...9732...
Fri Jul 25 08:36:04 EDT 2003

Moin John! 
 John Creegan schrieb am Donnerstag, den 24. Juli 2003:
>Running solaris 8 on a Sun Ultra 5 64-bit architecture.

>MySQL 4.0.14 is up and running

>Installing snort.
>Snort configure --with-mysql=/opt/local/mysql is OK, but make fails
>with MySQL Symbol referencing errors.

>Does MySQL have to be installed /etc/mysql?  I'd rather leave it
>installed it in /opt/local/mysql, where it is now.  /opt/local makes
>more sense to me than /etc.

Says who? Show us some compile errors...

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The above message is crap. Take it off when sending mail to a mailing list

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