[Snort-users] New snortcenter project idea

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Thu Jul 24 14:47:02 EDT 2003

YES!!  I'd be happy to contribute more code.  I've sent code over to
Stefan several times since I started using SnortCenter (coupld 'o'
months ago) and I'd love to have a more stream-lined process to get code
incorporated into SnortCenter.  I think SnortCenter has a lot of
potential, but is definitely lacking in a couple of areas.  Moving
development over to the community at large could turn out a heck of a
Snort GUI.


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Back in June, Roy Rapopart said about Snortcenter:

"So hey, it's the Open Source world, right? So I shouldn't complain if 
I'm not willing to help? You betcha.  Fear the unemployed sysadmin who 
knows PHP and MySQL.  I've sent Mr. Dens some emails with the problems 
I've found and how I've fixed them.  If he decides to move over to a 
more cooperative development environment (say, sourceforge?), I'll be 
happy to contribute code."

It seems to me that the community needs an open source GUI for Snort. 
Unfortunately, IDS Policy Manager is crap, is Win32 only, and isn't open

source anyway.   Snortcenter is as close as we have to a working OSS 
GUI.   Since the author doesn't seem to have the time to work on it, I 
suggest that we start a new project, probably using SourceForge, 
beginning with Snortcenter as the base code.   That's the beauty of the 
GPL -- we're allowed to do that.  It would be nice to have Stefan's 
blessing, but we don't need it.   Since Roy has already done some work 
on it, I would nominate him to head up the project.  I'll be happy to 
help with it.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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