[Snort-users] Snort Started

Jason K. Boykin jboykin at ...9552...
Thu Jul 24 07:54:22 EDT 2003

Snort is probably not running.  Check ps -ax | grep snort for linux or check 
the task manager for windows.  Instead of using the startup script try using 
that same start string at the command prompt and see if any errors get 
returned.  If you tried to set up snort to log to the database thats probably 
your culprit.  You can also tag a -T at the end of your snort start string 
which will test your settings and you should be able to find your problem 
with that.

On Thursday 24 July 2003 08:52 am, Rajneel.Dhotre at ...9708... wrote:
> Hi ,
> I have successfully installed Snort and when I click on start I get a
> sensor message "Started Snort", but on the display it still says " Snort is
> not running".
> Is snort running properly ?
> Regards,
> Rajneel

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