[Snort-users] Remote monitoring concerns from internet

Always Bishan bishan4u at ...1396...
Thu Jul 24 06:43:24 EDT 2003

Hi Snorters,

We are providing managed IDS services to a client with
3 snort sensors installed in their network. We manage
all the sensors through ACID remotely from our office.

Recently we came up with a lot of issues that we had
not faced before. We would like some expert comments
from you on this matter.

The client internet speed is 64 kbps and our also 64

1. Yesterday, the MySQL database got corrupted and we
had to repair it. This never happened with us in past
1 year with the same configuration, but that time we
didn't try any monitoring from internet. What all can
cause MySQL server to crash? Is their any problem with
remote monitoring?

2. Generally ACID is running fine but few times in the
day it times out and takes a lot of time to open. What
can be different scenarios here?

3. Uptill now we never did remote monitoring. What are
the issues involved in it. What parameters do we need
to set or change or take care of in APACHE, MySQL,
PHP, SNORT and ACID. such that remote monitoring works
stable and reliably?

We are using Snort 2 .

Its very urgent and we would like some expert comments
from you.


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