[Snort-users] Status of Snort and the Rules - Stalled???

Bennett Todd bet at ...6163...
Wed Jul 23 10:58:19 EDT 2003

(disclaimer: I'm not with sourcefire, nor in the dev team, I'm just
a customer)

2003-07-22T14:40:34 Michael Steele:
> Does anyone know why Snort has been stalled at the latest June 13th build?

2.0.1 just came out. I've not looked at the CVS tree, can't comment
on that, but there's certainly active development and maintenance
reflected in the changes since 2.0. I'd presume they are attempting
to hit a happy medium between snapping out lots and lots of official
releases (forcing folks who want to stay current to expend a lot of
effort doing so) and getting really important fixes out in a timely
fashion. People who want to stay on the very cutting edge, who don't
want to wait for a release to be pumped out, can read the CVS and
build off that.

> It also seems the Rules are not being updated as often as they were.

I can't say I'd noted that, I have seen updated recently as often as
they used to be --- not uncommonly one every week or two. Same issue
applies, the rulesets are updated when it seems important. People
who want to get updated the instant a new rule is proposed can
follow the mailing lists and add the rules that look interesting to
their own configs.

> Is this a new trend???

I have seen no change. Snort is aggressively developed and
maintained, and is one of the best-supported production quality
packages I've seen in open source.

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