[Snort-users] Hardware/snort config question

Richard Roy RoyR at ...5882...
Wed Jul 23 10:12:12 EDT 2003

First of all, HUGE thanks to Patrick S. Harper for the doc to get snort
going and some additional help!

Second. I have a logistic question on how/where to put it and configure
a few things to properly snort.

I have a /16 of real IP addresses that are assigned to a hardware FW's
external interface and NATted to the private internal 10's.  The signal
comes in from the ISP to a router then to a hub then to 2 different
firewalls.  One which has a single IP assigned to it for my wireless
(separate network) and another that has the balance of the /16.
The snort box is on the LAN which is all switched.  How can I get all
the stuff on the switch to be snorted? I'm thinking a port mirror or
something right?  Second, do I need to add a second NIC and attach to
the HUB to see all the external traffic hitting the firewalls or not?
My guess is yes or can I simply assign multiple IP's to the same nic
(I'm running RH9)

For the internal net I gave the snort box to scan
that's correct right (assuming it has an address of
For external I gave it the /16 range of real ip's I have.

Thanks in advance.  Please excuse this if it is "off-topic" and reply
off list if you can help. 

Richard Roy
Network Administrator
JusticeTrax Inc
602-938-0059 x102
royr at ...5882...

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