[Snort-users] disallowing /var/log/snort logging and interface name for windows 2000

Always Bishan bishan4u at ...1396...
Wed Jul 23 06:36:02 EDT 2003

Hi Snorters,

I have three sensors installed at my client's network.
The three sensors are configured to alert into a
central MySQL database server and they are alerting
 without problems. Now the problem is it is also
logging into flat files in the directory 

One sensor is on Windows 2000 and 2 on Linux. Now how
do I make all the three sensors not to log into flat

Now the second problem is that of sensor name. When I
view all the sensors through ACID the linux sensors
give nice name like, but for windows
2000 sensor it gives a wierd name like

How do I give a proper sensor name for Windows sensor?

Any clues, Welcome!


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