[Snort-users] Error when starting snort

Erek Adams erek at ...950...
Tue Jul 22 12:27:01 EDT 2003

On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Souza, Chris wrote:

> I get this error when trying to start snort:
> /:create/symlink failed, no inodes free
> Error: OpenLogFile()=>
> mkdir /var/log/snort/63.x.x.x) log directory: No space left on device
> If someone knows what this error means and how i can fix it I would
> appreciate any help.

Pardon me, but what's not clear about the message?  "No space left on
device" is pretty self explanatory.

	df -k

And check where /var/log would be under (partition wise).

If that's not it, check your inodes.

	df -i

ASCII logging is bad, MmmmKay?  :)  Log to binary and save your self tons
of sillyness.


Erek Adams

   "When things get weird, the weird turn pro."   H.S. Thompson

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