[Snort-users] SNORT on Solaris

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Tue Jul 22 08:55:27 EDT 2003

Hi Daniel,

It sounds like you have gcc installed but cc is first in the path, so
Solaris is using that compiler (which dosen't work for very many freeware
programs).  If you logon as root you need to make sure /usr/local/bin/gcc is
before /usr/bin/css or /usr/css/bin (I can't remember which it is).  You can
set this in a file called .profile located in /.  If it is not there you
need to create it.  Make the file look like this:

export PATH

And then you need to close your telnet/ssh session for the changes to be
updated.  BTW I am not a solaris expert, but that is how I have gotten it to
work and there are probably other ways to accomplish this.

Good Luck,

Brian Gregorcy
M2 Network Support
briangregorcy at ...9226...

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  > A couple of things that I can think of:
  > 1) Did you look in the configure.log file in your snort directory?
  > 2) What version of gcc are you using?
  > 3) Is gcc in you path/Is gcc before cc in your path?

  1) yes, the error it logged was: configure:2063: error: C compiler cannot
create executables

  2) Version of gcc: 3.0.2

  3) they are not in PATH when I view env, but when I type "gcc" it works
from every directory,
      it's located in /usr/local/bin/gcc

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