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Two items.
It has been awhile since I build open source on solaris and sunOS but any
open source package I did load required GNU gcc since sun was not fully ansi

One site that made building and setting up what I needed without pain was
This is the site to get whatever you need to build open source on sun..


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I've never installed Snort on Solaris but I *did* crowbar Nessus on there a
while back.  One problem I remember having is the PATH.  Check to see if
everything is in the right spot.  Also you may have to grab gcc instead of
using the cc included. 
Third annoyance is the Flex/Bison vs Lex/Yack issue.

In general I've had a miserable time getting freeware to run correctly on
Solaris (but I'm not a Solaris stud), as a buddy said, "You basically need
to make it into a gnu (new) box". Hahaha, pun!

--- Daniél_Haslinger <daniel.haslinger at ...9693...> wrote:
> Hi there :)
> I have to get SNORT running on a Solaris 8, but it won't let me 
> install it correct. In fact the installation goes wrong because it 
> can't compile executeables
> as far as I can see ...
> Anyone here who has done such a thing lately or know how I can figure 
> it out?
> help !! :)
> many thanks,
> Daniél
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