[Snort-users] DefCon 11

Jon Hart warchild at ...8039...
Mon Jul 21 22:19:08 EDT 2003


As many of you probably know, DefCon 11 is rapidly approaching.  I have
my hotel and flight business squared away and I'm pretty psyched.

I'm not sure who or how many people are going to DefCon from the Snort
community, but I think it might be nice to meet up with some of the
folks that participate/lurk/etc on the Snort lists.  Judging from some
archiving searching, it seems the main theme usually involved beer
(which I'm certainly game for), but I'm up for pretty much whatever.
Within reason, of course.

So as to not clutter the list with tons of replies, I guess I can just
keep a list of who will be there (and is openly admitting it) and a few
days before the Con we can hopefully get some sort of plan together.  

Just a thought,


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