[Snort-users] Problem with test script for Cisco vulnerability

Bennett Todd bet at ...6163...
Mon Jul 21 14:44:29 EDT 2003

2003-07-21T14:26:30 CMartin at ...9696...:
> I tried to implement this script to test my snort rules; however, it appears
> that I don't have hping in my /usr/local/sbin directory or not in my /sbin
> directory.  I am running redhat v9.

As others have mentioned, download from <URL:http://www.hping.com/>
and build yourself. If you want an rpm install, I have a spec file
I'll be glad to pass you. It's trivial.

> Also I get the following error when I try to run the script (sh
> exploit.sh).
> exploit.sh: line 8: syntax error near unexpected token `('
> exploit.sh: line 8: `foreach protocol (53 55 77 103)'

The exploit script as posted was in tcsh, which has a different
syntax from sh.

> But also an interesting note, my whole /usr/local/sbin is empty.

/usr/local is reserved for non-packaged software. rpms are normally
properly written to install into /usr/sbin, /usr/bin, and so forth.

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