[Snort-users] Problem with test script for Cisco vulnerability

Schmehl, Paul L pauls at ...6838...
Mon Jul 21 13:32:01 EDT 2003

RedHat does not provide an rpm for hping.  I don't know if anyone is
maintaining an rpm, but you can get the source from www.hping.org/.  On
RH9, /usr/local/sbin will be empty unless you've installed sysadmin-type
tools, such as nessus.

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The University of Texas at Dallas
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> Subject: [Snort-users] Problem with test script for Cisco 
> vulnerability
> I tried to implement this script to test my snort rules; 
> however, it appears that I don't have hping in my 
> /usr/local/sbin directory or not in my /sbin directory.  I am 
> running redhat v9.  Also I get the following error when I try 
> to run the script (sh exploit.sh).

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