[Snort-users] acid - mysql support not being read

boo boo booboo_od at ...125...
Mon Jul 21 05:55:31 EDT 2003

Hi Folks,

Finally got snort / php working & am setting up ACID.

Ran into this when firing up ACID.
Saw it referred to on Linux boxes where the whole sheebang needed to be
stripped down
& set up again.
PHP ERROR: PHP build incomplete: the prerequisite MySQL support required to
read the alert database was not built into PHP. Please recompile PHP with
the necessary library (--with-mysql)

I think its a problem with the PHP / MySQL extension, (although its part of
the core php now)

I can turn on various extensions ok - eg MSQL by changing php.ini but it
doesn't like the section in

php.ini related to mySQL, it isn't being displayed when phpinfo() is run.

I'm running php 5.0.0b1, Win2k , mySQL 3.23.51

Has anyone overcome this problem on windows boxes - & what is the problem
anyway ?

Thanks -

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