[Snort-users] Snort-MySQL prob

Kit Massengill KitM at ...8919...
Fri Jul 18 12:45:04 EDT 2003


The stuff:

Linux Redhat 7.3
Apache 1.3.23
PHP 4.1.4
mod_perl 1.26
OpenSSL 0.9.6b
mod_ssl 2.8.7
DAV 1.0.3
Webmin 1.070
gd 1.6.2 or higher (Webmin's designation)
MySQL 3.23.55
ACID 0.9.6b23
phplot 4.4.6
Snort 2.0

Things were going along swimmingly.  I had been working on the machine with
the above, when I decided to go on a one-week vacation.  I shutdown the box
- and even unplugged the NIC - and took off.  I came back, started up the
machine (yes, I plugged the NIC back in) and ain't nothin' real good

The box boots up correctly.  According to the boot log, everything is good.
I can get to MySQL on the command line and can see the databases, tables,
etc. in Webmin (I know, Erek - you don't do Webmin, but I'm old and GUIish).
However, SNORT doesn't log anything as it had been doing perfectly well
before.  When I shut down MySQL, SNORT says it doesn't see MySQL - as it
should say.  Also, the MySQL logs are empty - all = 0.

What can I do (command line-wise) to start checking for immediate probs?  I
don't need anyone to answer specifically, but I'd appreciate a kick in the
patoot towards a doc, site, area in a man.

Hep me!

KitM at ...8919... <mailto:KitM at ...8919...> 

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