[Snort-users] No update in time window.

Cristian Kutscherauer cristian.kutscherauer at ...9646...
Fri Jul 18 05:36:12 EDT 2003

Hi Erek, looks you are in the correct track. Running Snort with "-v" and 
without the Daemon option shows it snorting ok. However no new 
entries/alerts are being generated in /var/log/alert
I forgot to mention, I'm newbie to Snort. How do I check the Acid Sensor 
and if Snort rules are in fact activated?

Tks a lot, Erek.

Erek Adams wrote:

>On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Cristian Kutscherauer wrote:
>>Snort was running nicely but after a machine reboot it is no longer
>>updating the alerts.
>>The symptoms:
>>- in Acid it reports correctly the "Queried on" field. The field "Time
>>Window" is no longer updated (it got stuck in a specific date).
>>- there are new alerts reported.
>>The Environment:
>>- Snort 2.0.0 (build 72)
>>- Snort is listed in ps
>>- Snorting on interface eth1.102 (with no IP). tcpdump -i eth1.102 shows
>>traffic ok.
>>- Snort start log says everything okay (except that eth1.102 has no IP).
>I don't think the issue is with snort.  I think it's an ACID issue + db
>outut plugin.  Check your config, make sure you're giving a sensor ID.
>Did you add or change a BPF filter?  If so, that's your problem.  the db
>plugin or ACID builds a sensor ID if there isn't one by using the machine
>name and any BPF filters that you have.  If those change, then it changes
>the sensor ID.
>To make sure about the problem, run a second copy of Snort w/o the db
>output.  Have it log to disk.  If it does, then you know that Snort is
>working fine, and that the problem is in the config.
>Erek Adams
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