[Snort-users] CIDR notation question

Chris Green cmg at ...1935...
Mon Jul 14 06:02:21 EDT 2003

Rich Adamson <radamson at ...2127...> writes:

> A couple of us are having a discuss off list.  Does anyone know (for a 
> fact) how snort treats CIDR notation?
> var HOME_NET [] implies 512 addresses, one broadcast
> address (, and is a valid device address.
> Is there any code that would assume natural subnet masks, or, analyze
> packets in such a way as to assume is treated differently?


> Or, asking the question slightly different...
>   is var HOME_NET [,]
>     treated exactly the same as
>   HOME_NET []
> when packets are analyzed?

Functionally the same but there is no optimization phase for the IP
addresses that will determine when you could write a subnet more
consisely so the latter ends up being more efficient.
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