[Snort-users] Classification List and numeric values

Chris Green cmg at ...1935...
Thu Jul 10 05:50:07 EDT 2003

Snort User <snort at ...9544...> writes:

>   On a related question this topic, is there a way to get the
> numeric values assigned to the classification list in
> classification.config?  The exact value I'm looking for is in the
> event.h, the struct Event classification unsigned 32bit int.  I've
> looked through the code, but there's a lot of it, so i seem to have
> missed it.  If there's a file that those values are in, pointing me
> in the right direction would be wonderful.

grep 'config classification: ' snort/snort-2.0/etc/classification.config | \
   grep -n config

Yeah, it's kludgy right now.
Chris Green <cmg at ...1935...>
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