[Snort-users] chroot vs.setuid

Lawrence Reed Lawrence.Reed at ...1444...
Tue Jul 8 11:02:07 EDT 2003

Hi Scott,

You can run both non-root and chrooted.   I have been doing this for 
sometime, at least since 2.0beta.

My command line looks like:

snort -o -de -c $CHROOT_TO_DIR/conf/snort.conf -i $INTERFACE -t 
         -u snortuser -g snortgroup -U -X -y -l $CHROOT_TO_DIR/data -m 017

I run that command as root so snort can set the interface in promisc and 
chroot() and then setuid()/setgid().

Good luck,
Scott Renna wrote:

>Hello Snort Users,
>I was wondering from all of you out there if anyone knows if it is
>"better"(more secure) to run Snort as root and use the -t swtich for
>setting up the jail?  Or if it is better to setuid on the binary file
>snort and then drop privileges upon execution?
>I am running the chrooted environment on my home system just to see how
>it performs.  I'm not sure which way is more secure.  In the setup with
>setuid set, I have changed the group on the bpf devices to be the snort
>user's group.  This worries me only because a user in snort's group
>would have rw privileges to the bpf devices.  
>In the case of the chrooted option, I've found that snort can run just
>fine and access the bpf devices in /dev, even though there is no /dev
>under the new home directory for snort to run in.  
>Does anyone have any recommendations on which way would be more safe to
>operate in ?  I've not used chroot too much, but to my knowledge, root
>is the only one that can do it.  Please let me know if anyone has any
>Scott Renna
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