[Snort-users] promisc help

Hansen.Ole OHA OHA at ...9438...
Tue Jul 8 00:23:14 EDT 2003


> hi all
> i am runnning snort with acid in RH 9 box with the command:
> snort -c /usr/local/src/snort-2.0.0/etc/snort.conf -D
> now when i do a test from other host to that machine(.156) by:
> nmap -p 25,53 -sX -P0 -D, x.x.x.156.
> Snort is showing the correct result.
> Now when i do test to other macchine in the same netwrok snotr is not
> alerting.

How is your snort box connected to the network? My guess, that it's connected trough a switch, which is why you don't see any traffic. You will have configure a port in the switch as a span/mon/sniffer port.

> Thanks in adv.
> Paras pradhan

Ole Hansen

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