[Snort-users] ACID not working properly

Josué Souza Josue at ...9619...
Mon Jul 7 13:49:14 EDT 2003


I'm trying to use ACID to view and manage snort alerts logged to a MySQL database on my snort box. The box is a FreeBSD 4.8 that runs:
- snort-2.0.0
- mysql-server-4.0.13_1
- apache+mod_ssl-1.3.27+2.8.14
- mod_php4-4.3.2,1
- acid-0.9.6b23

Everything was installed via ports collection so, dependencies were installed automatically. Snort was configured with MySQL support and it's logging to the database without problems. PHP4 was configured with MySQL, GD, sockets and BCMath support as required by ACID. ACID was configured with the same database parameters used by snort, (user snort with SELECT,INSERT,DELETE,UPDATE privileges to the snort database).

When I first accessed ACID main page, I was prompted to create the ACID tables which was done without problems. However, some operations are not working within ACID. For example, I cannot manage AG properly (can't even create groups) and I cannot manage the alerts (tried deleting them but nothing happens and I don't get any error message). I can't graph alerts too. I select the time period, the type of graphic, etc but the execution generates no output (without error messages).

Should I try some older version of ACID or any other component of the solution?

Best regards,

Josué José Souza Júnior

Nexos Information Security
josue at ...9619...
+55 71 2106-9125
Salvador - Bahia - Brasil
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