[Snort-users] Problems with web-iis rules

Josue Souza josue at ...9619...
Mon Jul 7 11:44:16 EDT 2003


I have a FreeBSD 4.8 box with snort-2.0.0 installed (with 
mysql-server-4.0.13_1 and acid-0.9.6b23), everything installed from the 
ports collection. Snort is loggin to a MySQL database and to the 
/var/log/snort/alerts file. I was testing the detection of attack 
attempts and noticed that some are detected and others not. For exemple, 
when I try to connect to TCP port 8080 on the snort box from my 
workstation I get an alert SCAN Proxy (8080) but when I try, for 
example, a URL pattern found in web-iis.rules, lets say 
http://mysnortbox/scripts/repost.asp, there is no alert.

Any advices on what is going on? I'm sorry if this is a silly question, 
but I'm new with snort (although I have some experience with other IDSs 
such as Enterasys' Dragon) and I didn't find any documentation on this 

Thanks for your time,

Josué Souza
josue at ...9619...
Nexos Information Security
Salvador - Bahia - Brazil

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