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Mon Jul 7 06:05:19 EDT 2003

Is snort definatly running? how did you install it via the ports?

Does the snort sensor definatly have a physical network connection?

how many nic's does the sensor have? is it logging to itself or a remote server? Are you using hubs or switches with span ports? or taps?

More info please.

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  Ive got a problem here.Its the first time ive installed and run snort.Everything went ok,no errors,iam even using databse logging with acid and everythings fine,no errors no nothing,the only thing is that SNORT doesnt do anything,doesnt log
  no matter if im using database or syslog ot file or whateva......I dont have no firewall no nothing just a clean install of FreeBSD 4.6.Im using snort-2.0.0rc4.

  Any suggestions?
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