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Mon Jul 7 01:20:01 EDT 2003

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I'm not sure if Jon was talking about the code I sent out specifically to 
the list of people testing the new code.

Thanks for responding in any case Rich.

Let me be 100% clear.  Jon, if you are testing the new code, please respond 
directly to the list of testers and myself rather than this list.

- -Jeff

- --On Sunday, July 6, 2003 13:13 -0600 Rich Adamson <radamson at ...2127...> 

> Jon,
>> im attempting 2 simple rules as a test (on win32 port):
>> alert tcp $HOME any -> any 80 (msg: "Port 80"; resp: rst_snd;)
>> alert tcp $HOME any -> any 81 (msg: "Port 81"; react: block;)
>> the first one tells me that resp is a bad keyword.
> The Win32 executable that Jeff sent all of us for testing had a bug
> in it that kept "resp:" from being recognized as a keyword. After he
> corrected that, I also noticed the keyword had no impact (eg, rst_snd
> was not sent).
>> the second actually can have block, warn, msg ... but on an outgoing
>> connection nothing really happens.  im expecting snort to kill the
>> connection and not allow a request through (but the laptop still gets the
>> content).
>> am i missing something?
> Not missing a thing. Jeff was going to debug the code this weekend. If
> his weekend is/was as busy as mine, it will probably be a few days
> before we hear anything.
> Rich
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