[Snort-users] cve cve[snort] MISC UPnP malformed advertisement ?!?!?!

Andre Cameron andrec at ...9609...
Sat Jul 5 11:31:02 EDT 2003


My router is at it is a Linksys and my server is at and for some reason I keep getting these alerts (100's of em!)

      cve bugtraq bugtraq cve[snort 
<http://www.snort.org/snort-db/sid.html?sid=1807>] WEB-MISC 
Transfer-Encoding: chunked       2003-07-05 18:33:15 
      cve cve[snort <http://www.snort.org/snort-db/sid.html?sid=1384>] 
MISC UPnP malformed advertisement       2003-07-05 18:32:57 

Any one have any clue whats making all these fals positives and get 
snort to stop?  Is there an ignore file some where to put IP's to ignore?


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