[Snort-users] postgresql

Jason K. Boykin jboykin at ...9552...
Thu Jul 3 07:00:31 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 02 July 2003 06:34 pm, Bryan Irvine wrote:
> I'm getting close.  I've been trying and trying to get ACID running.
> I keep getting this:
> PHP ERROR: PHP build incomplete: the prerequisite PostgreSQL support
> required to read the alert database was not built into PHP. Please
> recompile PHP with the necessary library (--with-pgsql)
> Which I have done according to the php install instructions.  I've even
> uninstalled apache and php and did it again via urpmi with php-pgsql.
> Any ideas?
> --Bryan

I dont remember much about when I built PHP (its too early in the morn!) so 
Ill go through the acid_conf.php because Im bored.

Make sure you have adodb installed in a place your apache server can access 
it.  I have mine right in my www directory.
$DBlib_path = "/blah/blah/blah/www/adodb";

Self explanitory.
$DBtype = "postgres";

$alert_dbname = "snort"; <--self explanitory
$alert_host = "localhost"; <--ip of your postgres server
$alert_port = ""; <--would not work for me unless I left this part blank
$alert_user = "snort"; <--user you use to read/write to the database
$alert_password = "xxx"; <---password to the snort database you created

/* Use referential integrity
 *   1  : use
 *   0  : ignore (not installed)
 * Note: Only PostgreSQL and MS-SQL Server databases support
 *       referential integrity.  Use the associated
 *       create_acid_tbls_?_extra.sql script to add this
 *       functionality to the database.
 *       Referential integrity will greatly improve the
 *       speed of record deletion, but also slow record
 *       insertion.
$use_referential_integrity = 1; <--I turned it on...

I believe jpgraph really needs to be under your htdocs/www/what ever 
directory.  You either need to move the contents of the src directory to the 
previous one or point acid to the src directory.
$ChartLib_path = "/blah/blah/blah/www/jpgraph/src";

Lemme know if this doesnt help and Ill scrounge up my php --with-postgres 
stuffs or what ever it was I did.

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