[Snort-users] Error on postgresql logging

Dilan Arumainathan dilan.a at ...296...
Tue Jul 1 22:56:05 EDT 2003

I just rechecked my configs and it was actually set to odbc instead of
postgresql and still this error shows up.

output database: log, odbc, dbname=snort user=<removed> password=<removed>

This only complicates things, but if I am using odbc should I still have
postgresql support built in.


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On Mon, 2003-06-30 at 17:01, Dilan wrote:
>> Hi,
>>I have just setup Snort 2.0 with Postgresql 7.3 running on WinXP. Although
>> Snort starts and runs without a problem when it tries to log to the
>>the following error shows up in the postgresql log.
>>ERROR:  Bad timestamp external representation '2003-06-30 21:21:13-77838'
>>WARNING:  ROLLBACK: no transaction in progress
>> I have tried a "select '2003-06-30 21:21:13'::timestamp" in psql and it
>> fine but as soon as I add the -77838 part it fails. I have tried starting
>> with and without -U option and it still tries to log the time in the
>> format. Is there a way to fix this?

>The timestamp format should be yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.micr-tz. After the
>seconds should be a dot before the microseconds. That's at least the
>Postgres time stamp which I believe adheres to ISO-8601 specs. You have
>listed a - which is wrong. At the very end is a dash followed by the
>timezone. Your timestamp look like a MS SQL specific implementation...

>Ah.. while reviewing the code, it looks like you might be using a
>version of Snort that was written for MS SQL, not Postgres. Try the
>Postgres version of Snort. You may have to compile one yourself (dunno
>if Michael offers Postgres on the WinSnort web site).


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