[Snort-users] eth0 without ip ..

David Alonso De La Vega Tapage delavegad at ...7768...
Fri Jan 31 11:14:01 EST 2003

Hi all ..

In my RH 7.2 box have already installed snort + mysql + acid ..  using 
 my eth0 with my X.X.X.8 address ..  now prepared my ISD box to do all 
out of my local lan ..  and need to up the NIC without any IP addres ..

Do /sbin/ifconfig eth0 up promisc .. ?  it's all or need other thing to 
do ..  because in this moment mi NIC have my internal IP ..

Need to erase this IP and after it configure my nic with up and promisc 
option .

Thanx in advance for all sogguestions and links ..


David Alonso

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