[Snort-users] Port Mirroring

Bruno Benchimol a.k.a. Misty MSt mistymst at ...8178...
Thu Jan 30 18:21:04 EST 2003

I've got a little problem here, i've got a 3com superstack II (10/100 mbits)
i am running snort as a network intrusion detect system, but i couldnt do
port morrioring so its just a host IDS.

I did a telnet to the Switch and looked up on the ports configs. i didnt
find anything like ~Mirroring~ , although i found resilence would be
something similar since i could set up resilence on a port to another so i
though it could be port mirroring but it wasnt it just Disabled the traffic
on the specified port...

Like my Router is on the 8th Port and my NIDS on 11th , so i said: Resilence
on port 8th to port 11th (he called it on standby port and 8th of active
port) but it blowed up everything. Traffic Stopped flowing.

Any of guys could help on it? or does this switch got no port morring at

Btw, i already asked for the manuals and looked at 3com.com but hell :( i
couldnt find nothing.

Thanks in Advance,

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