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twig les twigles at ...131...
Thu Jan 30 12:40:04 EST 2003

Hey all, I have seriously debated whether I should
send this since it may or may not be off-topic; it's
just too bizarre to tell.  My border routers are
sysloging this:

bdr-acl-in denied tcp ->

The acl is named correctly - these hits are coming
from the outside.  They hit random IPs in our range
like NMAP, and they always target a high port coming
from 80.  I would assume they are from a LAN upstream
since only routers doing stupid things forward
broadcasts.  The implications of this coming from our
upstream provider are quite large since we peer via
dual /30s.

It isn't crucial to my security (we don't let those
shenanigans in the border), but does snort see this as
bad traffic?  I did a quick "grep *"
in the snortrules dir and only came up with a couple
of snmp rules.  I would like to know if I should write
a rule for this since I only caught this by accident
this time.

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