[Snort-users] New to the lists and snort

Snow Jacob C KPWA JacobSC at ...160...
Thu Jan 30 11:37:08 EST 2003

I am new to this list as well as to snort.  I am taking over an NIDS from
someone that currently had it up and running.  Currently we have taken it
down to ensure that it is secure since he left and has passwords.  We
currently have a system that is running on Linux 7.3 with a MySQL database
backend that is used to consolidate the hits (on a different machine) and
APACHE and ACID for viewing and administration.  We would like to add a
second sensor and have all of the hits or detections consolidated into the
one SQL database for analysis and report generation.  I have a couple of
questions regarding this issue first and foremost is it possible to
accomplish all of this using a windows-based version of snort and what do I
need to do to add another sensor to the system.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and thanx in advance.

Thank you,

Jacob Snow
jacobsc at ...160...

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