[Snort-users] ACID 0.9.6b23 Search page issue

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Thu Jan 30 09:12:05 EST 2003

PHP - 4.1.2 does not work for me with Acid 0.9.6b23 and the search form. I 
still see the same problems, even with version 3.1.0 of ADODB installed. 
Version 4.2.3 of PHP is working perfectly for me, with no errors, so 
that's the version I will stick with for now.  Perhaps PHP - 4.3.0 is too 
new?  Thanks everyone for all you help.


01/30/2003 11:47 AM

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You did need to upgrade the ADODB as well.  I only upgraded the PHP 
version at first and got a number of errors before upgrading the ADODB 
version.  The versions I'm using are PHP - 4.3.0, and ADODB - 3.1.0.  I am 
seeing some new errors on the PHP side, although the query form is 
working.  Interestingly enough, I was running PHP - 4.1.2 previously and 
had the search page issues, so perhaps the problem was caused by the ADODB 
version all along...I'll test and let you know.


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