[Snort-users] rule+snort updates?

Gonzalez, Albert albert.gonzalez at ...7950...
Thu Jan 30 08:35:05 EST 2003

How will this script rewrite snort.conf ?

Maybe i don't know bash, but i see nothing there.

# Update rules
cd /tmp		* changing directories*
rm -rf rules	* removing previous rules if they exist*
/usr/bin/wget http://www.snort.org/downloads/snortrules.tar.gz	*wget'ing
snortrules (old URL)*
tar -xvzf snortrules.tar.gz	* decompressing archive *
mv /tmp/rules/* /etc/snort/rules	* move rules to your rules
directory, assuming you use /etc/snort/rules *
---end script---

I personally don't see how that will overwrite snort.conf.

I suggest using oinkmaster to update your rules, its alot better than this
bash script.
Or you can manually do it, it isn't really all that hard. 

  Alberto Gonzalez.

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this script will rewrite the snort.conf
is there any other script out there?  or can i just mv
the *.rules   but then the .conf would also have to be
updates eventually ....


Rigoberto De La Portilla  

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