[Snort-users] Snort upgrades in vendor-provided packages/installs (e.g. mdk)

stefmit stefmit at ...5068...
Thu Jan 30 06:30:04 EST 2003

Hi, everyone,

Sorry if this has been answered before, but my query on 
http://sourceforge.net/search/ in the snort list archives turned up nothing: 
what is the best/recommended/your_own_experience way of upgrading a vendor 
"packed" snort, with the 1.9.0 tar-balls? Here is my problem: I have 
installed a Mandrake-provided snort-mysql + acid combination (ver. 1.8.7), 
had it running the way I wanted it ... just to find out that 1.8.7 does not 
get any rules updates anymore. The rules for 1.9.0 won't work (new "keywords" 
... you know the drill), so now I ended up with all sorts of configs in some 
"non-std" places (the Mandrake-way), and I would like to upgrade to 1.9.0, 
without being forced to wipe clean all the stuff from the 1.8.7_mdk install.

Abybody having any good advise on this (or at least point me to the place for 
such a subject, in regards to RTFM)?


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