[Snort-users] Re:Easy web-server protection?

Shaiful shaifuljahari at ...131...
Wed Jan 29 22:37:03 EST 2003


Snort is an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) not
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). You need something
like hogwash or snort-inline to drop the attack.

Below is the copy of my email to focus-ids early this
morning regarding the similar matter. Hope it helps.


> Hi,
> I've never tried snort-inline but I believed the
> concept is similar to hogwash.
> If you want information about similar arrangement,
> just search for hogwash implementation.  Last time I
> checked there are quite a few.
> For the last Code Red worm outbreak, I've used 
> hogwash and block Code Red. IMHO, Code Red is worst
> since it uses port 80 which normally open at the
> Running hogwash make me think why on earth the idea
> stopping application attack at layer 2 or 3 is not
> popular before.  Actually I've been waiting for
> hogwash like program one year before it is released
> and mostly due to my poor coding skill. The idea is
> quite old if you bother to search snort mailing
> But looking at hogwash code, then I realised it is
> really rocket science ;-)
> Regards,
> Shaiful

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