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>PGP is OK, only outlook and outlook express have problems with pgp/mime,
>so they don't add too much noise.  People security-consious enough to
>run snort won't use those MUAs anyway.

I *love* the assumptions people make about how *somebody else* should "do" security.   At any given moment you may find me responding to a list message with Pine, Mutt, Evolution, Mulberry (on Windows, Mac *or* Linux), Outlook, Outlook Express and {{gasp}} Outlook Web Access, as I'm doing now.  Yet I'm *extremely* security minded, as anyone who knows me can testify.

I am comfortable running any form of Linux, Solaris, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, etc., yet I'm an expert in Windows and pretty good with a Mac too.  I admin a commercial IDS, will be setting up snort on FreeBSD tomorrow, and I'm competent in setting up ipfw, ipchains, iptables, etc.

I'm sending HTML email to the list because *right now* I have no choice (and I *despise* HTML email and I *hate* the way OWA formats the text.)  I might even have to send mail to the list one day using my Blackberry-based text pager.

So what box will you put me in?

Let me humbly suggest to you that security minded people come in all shapes and sizes, aren't limited to the choices that *you* may think are "right" and may well be much more competent than you are to speak on the subject.   *Never* assume you know all rhe right answers.  It makes you look arrogant.

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