[Snort-users] Logging to file and to event log [RMC-7D9HBQ4]

Romulo M. Cholewa rmc at ...8111...
Wed Jan 29 18:35:02 EST 2003

Hi All,

I'm very happy with snort, now sending the alerts to the windows application event log, and EventSentry or PD Monitor emailing me.

But I want to start using snort2html, and when I use the -E switch it simply stops logging to file.

Is there any way to make snort send the alerts to the application eventlog AND to the alert.ids file ?


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]Assunto: Script to delete old alerts from MySQL db?
]I'm using Snort 1.9 with MySQL 3.23.54.  I'm looking to 
]automatically cull log entries older than a given number of 
]days from the database. A number of almost-usable scripts are 
]out there, but I haven't found one that really suits me.  
]Anyone have a script they're proud of that they'd like to share?
]Benjamin Feen
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