[Snort-users] Can't make second snort sensor talk to my MySQL DB.

Aaron The Young acyoung at ...7915...
Wed Jan 29 14:01:06 EST 2003

I've successfully setup a snort sensor on a Debian box using a
great tutorial I found at SecurityFocus.  I have the snort sensor
talking to MySQL (with Acid).  All on the same box, it works fine,
but when I try to integrate a second sensor....I get an error.

What's the SQL commands to get a list of what users I've granted
access to my MySQL database?  I'm getting a:

	FATAL ERROR: database: mysql_error:  Access denied for user:
	'snort at ...8156...' (Using password: YES)

I've done the appropriate granting of access in MySQL:

grant CREATE, INSERT, etc....on snort_log.* to snort@<sensor2.nyser.org>

But this error keeps occurring.

Any ideas?



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