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Did snort stopped logging alerts to your database? Can you see new alerts if you
do a select on some of the tables?  Is Acid pointed to the right database?

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        I am new to this mailing list and I don't know  if  anyone had already
posted  this question.  I recently installed Snort on my Mandrake 9.0 machine
and when I open the page through browser to see the statistics through 'acid'
interface...it shows all the information which belongs to 4 months ago. It is
not showing me the current  alerts. What am I doing wrong here? What should I do
to make my acid active so that it shows the traffic (alerts) on the interface
that I configured for the snort.  My RDBMS is MySQL and I have installed PHP,
adodb, GD and m4 along with acid. I tested and verified all the permissions and
Grants for the snort user on all the tables.  When I run snort on command line,
it works fine and I can see the packets.

    Thank You
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