[Snort-users] Anyone run ACIS if so - how do I email alerts

Scott, Joshua Joshua.Scott at ...1955...
Tue Jan 28 18:17:03 EST 2003

Here are a couple possibilities:

1) Write your own script (in whatever language you choose) to query the snort
database, summarize the results and fire off an email with these results.
Have cron run this script at specific intervals. 

2) If you log alerts to syslog as well, you could probably use Logcheck or
some other log analysis program to get a summary of events.

Joshua Scott
Security Systems Analyst, CISSP

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I have snort running, along with ACID.

Is there a way that when there is an attemped alert, or even get sent a full
list of alerts at a certain time to be sent to my email address. I have
postfix and IMAP running.


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