[Snort-users] ACID 0.9.6b23 Search page issue

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Tue Jan 28 17:39:05 EST 2003

This happens with a db that has ~60k events in it.  I recently (yesterday)
deleted ~1M rows but after that the tables were optimized.  I'm trying to
get to the point where I archive on a regular basis - part of that process
invloves searching, which is where I'm stuck now :-).

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:: Just upgraded from b21 to b23 today, mainly to gain the year 2003 fixes.
:: Whne I access the 'Search' page all I get is a partial listing of the
:: that used to be available on that page; in fact it seems that only the
:: Criteria section is visible, and even then "Alert time" with a choice for
:: "(" is as far as I can see.

I've seen this happen to me as well, but only with a very large number of
alerts in the DB.  When this happens, I find that I have to reload the page
a few times before it gets all the fields.  Are you expiring your old alerts
at all?

Cheers - Erick
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