[Snort-users] RES: sending alerts by email / active response Win2K system [RMC-J7FLJI4]

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There's a tool called "swatch"
(http://www.oit.ucsb.edu/~eta/swatch/swatch.html) that I use in a Linux
environment. I'm not sure if there's a windows port available, however, this
tools watches files for specific text then forks a system process like mail,
wall, or anything you can dream of. I've seen this work really well in
hybrid (*nix/Windows) environments. If you can't find a good tools like
swatch in the winworld, consider a standalone Linux box. With tools like
Samba and mail, you should not have any problems communicating between these
two worlds.

Ken Bradley

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Subject: [Snort-users] RES: sending alerts by email / active response
Win2K system [RMC-J7FLJI4]

Hi Michael,
That's good news. With Syslog Daemon, I can configure it to submit the snort
alert log to the system event log. Then, I can use an app like EventWatchNT,
to send specific alerts to an email address.
You can find EventWatchNT here:
When I get to the lab I'll test it. Thanks! 
Romulo M. Cholewa.

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	You will need something like Syslog Daemon and run the alerts
through that. 
	It has an option of emailing on certain triggers. If you find a free
	that works, please let us windows folks know. The alerts can be sent
to the 
	Event Viewer, application log in Windows and if you can find
something to 
	parse that file and alert, that would be great. 

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	system [RMC-J7FLJI4] 

	Hi All, 

	Sorry about these bunch of newbie questions. I'm in the path of
	snort, and it's being used on Windows 2000 Server. Everything is
	really smooth. I had a BSOD, but I think it's related to the packet
	driver version. 

	I would like to ask experienced snort users, if there are any ways
	emailing some alerts (maybe a perl script of some sort that would
parse the 
	alert.ids file and send emails if it finds a specific alert). Also
if there 
	are any ways of automating the process of filtering out dynamically
	kinds of attacks. I already know that it will not be easy with
Windows 2000, 
	but maybe snort can be used together with some firewall / filtering
	available. Currently using Zone Alarm Pro. 

	If these things are possible, I would like to thank in advance if
	could point me to the right direction. 

	Thanks again, 

	Romulo M. Cholewa 
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