[Snort-users] Snort-1.9 on OBSD-3.2

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Tue Jan 28 06:23:02 EST 2003

well, you aren't providing much detail. 
I was running Snort 1.9.0 with OBSD 3.1
and upgraded my system to 3.2 without any

What exactly does your setup look like?
What commands are you passing on the command line?
what preprocessors are you running?



Alberto Gonzalez
EDS - Global Security Operations Center
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Is anyone else running Snort-1.9 on OpenBSD-3.2?
I recently upgraded my OBSD-3.1 running Snort-1.8 to OBSD-3.2 running
Snort-1.9, and now the entire OS crashes, but only if Snort is running.  I
made the mistake of upgrading both Snort and OBSD at the same time, so I'm
not exactly sure which of these is causing the problem.

I do know that Snort-1.8 was running fine on OBSD-3.1.  I also know that
with the same rules enabled, Snort-1.9 has about 30% packet loss, while
Snort-1.8 only gave me 1%.

Any ideas here?  I'm probably going to remove Snort-1.9 and go back to 1.8
due to the packet loss issue, unless someone has a better idea.


Brad Thaler

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