[Snort-users] Snort-1.9 on OBSD-3.2

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Tue Jan 28 06:04:01 EST 2003

Is anyone else running Snort-1.9 on OpenBSD-3.2?
I recently upgraded my OBSD-3.1 running Snort-1.8 to OBSD-3.2 running
Snort-1.9, and now the entire OS crashes, but only if Snort is running.  I
made the mistake of upgrading both Snort and OBSD at the same time, so I'm
not exactly sure which of these is causing the problem.

I do know that Snort-1.8 was running fine on OBSD-3.1.  I also know that
with the same rules enabled, Snort-1.9 has about 30% packet loss, while
Snort-1.8 only gave me 1%.

Any ideas here?  I'm probably going to remove Snort-1.9 and go back to 1.8
due to the packet loss issue, unless someone has a better idea.


Brad Thaler

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