[Snort-users] sending alerts by email / active response Win2K system [RMC-J7FLJI4]

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You could always use SWATCH. Swatch is a perl script and under Linux has
workd very good for many folks. I was thinking of using it under Windows 2K
myself for another project. I find it to be a very good tool for e-mail type
alerts. You can find swatch on www.freshmeat.net


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Hi All,

Sorry about these bunch of newbie questions. I'm in the path of evaluating
snort, and it's being used on Windows 2000 Server. Everything is running
really smooth. I had a BSOD, but I think it's related to the packet capture
driver version.

I would like to ask experienced snort users, if there are any ways of
emailing some alerts (maybe a perl script of some sort that would parse the
alert.ids file and send emails if it finds a specific alert). Also if there
are any ways of automating the process of filtering out dynamically some
kinds of attacks. I already know that it will not be easy with Windows 2000,
but maybe snort can be used together with some firewall / filtering product
available. Currently using Zone Alarm Pro.

If these things are possible, I would like to thank in advance if someone
could point me to the right direction.

Thanks again,

Romulo M. Cholewa
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