[Snort-users] Newbie Install on OpenBSD Question

twig les twigles at ...131...
Mon Jan 27 16:59:03 EST 2003

I won't give you flack for running so many things on
one box since others probably will :).  HOME_NET
should be the IP of the box and EXTERNAL_NET can be
whatever you are worried about.

As for the ports, if you did a "make install clean"
then OpenBSD erased the work directory and with it the
mysql script.  Try doing a make deinstall (or OpenBSD
equivalent) and then a "make install".  Please note
that I haven't used OpenBSD for about a year and my
ports installation syntax is born of FreeBSD.

--- Siobahn Hotaling <siobahn at ...8109...> wrote:
> I've been scouring the Snort FAQ and README's all
> day, but I still have a
> few unsolved questions and I was hoping that someone
> could help.
> (installing from ports on OpenBSD 3.2)
> 1.  The machine I am installing on is a web server
> that is also configured
> as a firewall to an internal network, but I am more
> interested in the
> traffic that comes into the server (not into the
> internal network).  If this
> is so, do I configure the $HOME_NET and
> $EXTERNAL_NET IP addresses both to
> be the IP address of the server?
> 2.  I can't find the sql statements to create the
> tables snort needs to put
> the logs into a mysql database anywhere - nothing
> showed up in the install
> directory.
> Any help would be much appreciated!
> Thanks
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