[Snort-users] Authenticating acid with Apache...

Tobias Rice tobiasrice at ...125...
Mon Jan 27 12:36:17 EST 2003

I know this may be getting a little off topic, but I'm sure that some of you
may have encountered this problem. I am using Win2k/Apache 2x with ACID.
After setting up digest authentication for my acid directory, it breaks acid
(some links don't work, no graphs are displayed etc...) 

Here is what my error logs show:


...Digest: uri mismatch - </pathtoacid/acid/acid_stat_ports.php> does not
match request-uri
</pathtoacid/acid/acid_stat_ports.php?port_type=1&proto=-1>, referer:


This is due to a bug in IE, as Netscape works. But Netscape keeps prompting
for my credentials, which gets tiresome. So my question is, is there a work
around for this problem? Can this be fixed with "AuthDigestDomain" in
httpd.conf? I've played with it for a while and it seems to have no effect
whatsoever, but I'm not sure if I'm using it correctly. I can't seem to find
any good examples. 

Many thanks!

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