[Snort-users] Database clean up

Sasa Jusic sasa.jusic at ...7849...
Mon Jan 27 08:23:04 EST 2003

Hi everyone,

I am running Snort in IDS mode, and I configured it to log its alerts to
MySQL database. For data analysis and monitoring, I am using ACID in
combination with SnortSnarf.

I would like to know is there any practical way to periodically clean all
Snort's MySQL data, without deleting any tables. With mysqldump I am making
a backup of whole database, but after that I woud like to clean all the data
from it.

With big database, ACID is working very slowly, and SnortSnarf spends a lot
of time when it is tring to generate HTML from MySQL database.

I am tring to make efficient archiving system, which would backup all Snort
log data once at a while (MYSQL database and log dir), and after that clean
the database tables.

Any help appreciated,



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